What is Olaplex?


What is Olaplex?  Unlike traditional conditioning, hydrating or glossing treatments, Olaplex works to repair the structure of the hair, rather than just masking the damage.

How does Olaplex work?  Colouring your hair reduces your hair’s protein reserves. If you want to get technical about it, it splits the sulphur bonds, which then become sulphur hydrogen and that process destroys the hair protein. Olaplex links these bonds back together, preventing the damage and making hair smoother and shinier. Your hairdresser will mix in the formula with your usual colour dye, which is then applied as normal before following up with a deep conditioning treatment.

What are the benefits of Olaplex?  If your long hair suffers from splits and breakage, Olaplex is a great way to fix split ends. As mentioned above, it works by knitting the bonds in your hair back together, meaning that after one treatment, your frazzled ends will be left looking a lot healthier. Your hair will also feel softer, shinier and easier to manage.

Can Olaplex be used on dark hair?  It’s certainly not exclusively reserved for bottle blondes. In fact, Olaplex is ideal as an add-on if you’re a brunette who lifts her colour chemically, as it allows dark hair to be lightened quicker and less aggressively.

Can Olaplex be used alone without colour treatments?  It’s also available as a stand alone treatment, for damaged hair.

How long does Olaplex last?  Olaplex doesn’t wash out. It’ll keep being this great until you get your hair coloured again, and the hair improves with every treatment.

How much do Scott’s Hair Salon Charge for Olaplex?  As part of your colour treatmeant it’s an additional £20.  As a stand alone treatment £30.

What is Olaplex?

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